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Information regarding student usage of the WriteAway service is shared with the broader BC ELN and WriteAway community through our newsletters and annual reports.

Institutional usage and individual tutor response data is accessible to institutional coordinators through the LibAnswers software. Using the tools for collecting the information that is specific to their institution, institutional coordinators are able to determine how the statistical data can work effectively for their needs.

The WriteAway Administrative Centre will continue to support coordinators with special requests and information regarding student feedback.

Retrieving Statistics:

1. Log into LibAnswers:

2. On the Dashboard, select the Stats menu and then the Ticket option

3. Set the filters to adjust the data parameters*

4. View or export data

*For more detailed instructions, consult the Additional Resources below


  • Why can't I view my institution's individual stats?
    • The types of filters are limited when looking at all of the queues. To view institutional statistics, make sure that you are filtering to look at only one queue at a time.
  • What kind of data will LibAnswers provide?
    • How many submissions have come from students attending your institution
    • Semester stats, monthly stats, annual stats
  • How can I check the number of submissions an individual tutor has responded to?
    • In the Ref Analytics menu, select Statistics and then filter by tutor name and time period, or
    • You can filter by Owner in the Answerer & Turnaround tab of the Stats menu
  • What kind of statistics will the WriteAway Admin Centre be providing?
    • Our newsletters and annual reports reflect overall student experience and service statistics
    • Any trends or shifts in student usage will be communicated to institutional coordinators in semester debrief meetings and to the Advisory Committee


Additional Resources:

Coordinator Guide for Retrieving Statistics

Guide for Collecting Tutor Response data