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About the WriteAway Service

What type of writing will tutors review?

What type of writing will tutors review?
WriteAway tutors are able to review and offer feedback on almost all undergraduate, course-based writing assignments. At this time, group-written assignments, graduate-level writing, applications, resumes, and cover letters are outside the scope of what tutors are able to reply to, Students may submit their individual part of a group assignment.

What if I don't understand something the tutor has said in his/her feedback?

Unfortunately you are not able to contact the tutor directly to ask questions. Do your best to incorporate the feedback that you understand, and send a second draft to WriteAway clearly indicating the remaining questions that you have.

If you do not understand any of the tutor's comments, re-submit your paper and tell what you found unclear, and why it was unclear to you. If you didn't find the previous comments useful, explain why and what you were looking for that you didn't get.

What kind of feedback will tutors give? Will they correct my spelling and grammar mistakes?

WriteAway tutors will not edit your paper (i.e. fix grammar issues). Tutors act as 'informed readers' who will point out areas you should consider revising. Tutors will embed their comments in the body of your paper, but they will not correct or change your words. It is up to you to revise your paper after receiving the tutor's comments.

What is WriteAway?

WriteAway is a service in BC that gives students at participating institutions the opportunity to receive online writing assistance. Qualified tutors from each of the participating institutions staff the service and provide feedback on students' draft writing assignments.

WriteAway can only be used by registered students from participating public post-secondary institutions.

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