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Frequently Asked Questions - Student Information

Visit the Institutional Learning Support page and select your institution to find out more about services available to you.

We do our best to schedule more tutoring hours during anticipated peak times during the semester, but sometimes we receive more submissions than expected. We try to post information about rising turnaround times as soon as we can to keep students informed. It’s always a good idea to submit your assignment to WriteAway well in advance of your course deadlines.

Any information collected is under the authority of the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act ('FOIPP Act'). If you have any questions about the collection and use of this information please contact Brian Case, BCcampus Manager, IT Services, at 250-405-4006 or This information is collected, stored and protected by the Ministry of Advanced Education, through BCcampus, who hosts the eTutoring system on behalf of the participating institutions providing the online tutoring service, and the post-secondary institutions participating in the service, according to the FOIPP Act.

All eTutoring sessions are archived for a period of one year for your reference and reporting needs, and for use by online tutoring staff and your institution for quality assurance purposes. Live chat sessions, when available, will be archived for a period of one year as well for quality assurance purposes, but will not available for viewing in your student account. Should you choose to use the audio and/or video options within the live chat environment, please be aware that your image and voice will be recorded within the archived session in a video file.

Any information you provide to use the eTutoring online tutoring service, including but not limited to the personal information provided, the content of eChat tutoring sessions, eQuestions, and writing or other assignments submitted for tutoring services, is done so voluntarily and may be accessed by tutors of other participating BC public post-secondary institutions for the purpose of providing the online tutoring service.

Any information you provide to use the eTutoring online tutoring service, including but not limited to the personal information provided, may be used to evaluate the eTutoring online tutoring service.

Technical support for the eTutoring application may be required from time to time and is provided by staff of the BCcampus who may require access to information stored in the eTutoring database for the purpose of ensuring optimal system performance.

Yes, your paper is confidential.

Tutors will not share personal information about any student, including their use or non-use of the WriteAway service, without express permission from the student.

WriteAway tutors focus on helping individual students develop their own writing skills. Tutors can review individually-authored sections of group work, but cannot comment on assignments where more than on student has contributed writing. Group members are welcome to submit their own portions of the assignment. Your group might also consider visiting your in-person institutional writing centre as a team.

Unfortunately WriteAway tutors cannot help you with your take-home exam.