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Updated March 2022

Evaluations: Start of the Term

  • New Tutors will submit a response to a training submission to showcase their ability to use the elements of a WriteAway response and their readiness to work asynchronously with student submissions.
    • Tutors may receive additional feedback on their responses at the discretion of their institutional coordinator.
    • A six-point rubric that provides a description of tutor responses across different levels of proficiency is available here.

Survey: Mid Point of the Term

Tutors will be asked to complete an online form (survey) providing feedback on their experience thus far staffing WriteAway. Link to the survey will be provided and responses will be collected by the WriteAway Administrative Centre.

Institutional Coordinator Debrief Meeting: Post Term

Institutional coordinators from all sites will meet to debrief the semester, discuss their experiences using the rubric, and provide any platform feedback they might have.