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WriteAway Coordinator Responsibilities

Last Updated: October 2022

The WriteAway Coordinator works closely with institutional coordinators, writing support staff, and the Advisory Committee to coordinate best practices and services. In this role, the WriteAway Coordinator is responsible for providing appropriate WriteAway platform training, technical support, and scheduling of writing support staff. The WriteAway Coordinator provides support for the overall WriteAway service, supports committee work, and facilitates communications to the WriteAway community. The WriteAway Coordinator keeps abreast of a broad range of issues, innovations and best practices related to post-secondary level writing support techniques.


1. Provide Ongoing Support for the WriteAway Service

  • Maintain communication with participating institutions to coordinate the WriteAway service for post-secondary undergraduate students
  • Develop a collaborative schedule, for three terms, that meets the varied staffing needs of the diverse institutions within the parameters of the service hours commitment model
  • Provide guidance to institutions who require contribution accommodations
  • Assess submissions data to determine the strategic allocation of tutoring hours throughout the term in anticipation of peak submission periods
  • Monitor overall service usage by performing basic analysis of usage statistics
  • Make evidence-based recommendations for service delivery improvement as appropriate
  • Develop, add to, and update WriteAway resources
  • Plan and develop WriteAway service communication and promotional materials in collaboration with the BC ELN Communications team
  • Facilitate meetings with the institutional coordinators group at the end of each term for collaborative engagement and discussion on service delivery and support
  • Provide HelpDesk support to students who access the service on multiple devices
  • Respond to complex inquiries or issues appropriately, within the context of existing policies


2. Provide Support for WriteAway Tutors

  • Plan, schedule, and facilitate WriteAway service orientation and tutoring platform training for new writing support staff at the start of each term
  • Provide guidance to new tutors in meeting the WriteAway response expectations, in consultation with institutional coordinators
  • Provide frontline technical support to writing support staff who use the WriteAway software platform
  • Assist writing support staff with questions about appropriate responses
  • Respond to students’ submissions when turnaround time exceeds service goals


3. Support the work of WriteAway committees

  • Schedule and facilitate meetings
  • Create documents
  • Write and distributes minutes